Why WAP?

For banks, an active engagement across all device types is quintessential. People still spend about 1.9 times as much time per visit on desktop than they do on mobile which make the desktops more engaging than mobiles.

The WAP developed by Insense collects customer data on their affinities, real time browsing behaviour & location through a web app. This data helps to build the psychographic and geographic profile of the customers. Based on the profile, the personalized offers/products are pushed to the customer by a real-time web push notification system.


Push Notifications Based on Browsing Behaviour

With access to browsing behaviour of a customer, you can now send hyper-targeted & customised offers to a customer resulting in building deeper relationships with your customers.

Money Saver Notifications

Give your customers offers exactly at the moment Customer asks for it. That’s really possible! Push your partnered merchant offers at the moment customer is visiting the merchant’s online store.

Browse Bank Offers

Give your customers the freedom to browse through the banks offers when they are visiting the partnered/not-partnered merchants.

Admin Panel

The product comes with basic and customisable advanced features:

Target based on browsing behavior of customers
Restrict total number of notifications
Send image rich push notifications
Campaign metrics to measure engagement