Why Target?

With ever changing customer demographics and spending pattern, banks need a 360-degree view of each customer to target the right customer with the relevant offer at the right time and location.

TARS is an application that uses Machine Learning and Big Data to transform vast transactional data into insights that predicts the personal spend behaviour. The engine analyses millions of behaviours and their billions of transactions distributed across multiple channels to recommend the personalized offers with cust omised creatives and available communication channels to promote the offer which is most likely to be redeemed by the customer.

How It Works

Create Campaign

Initiate a campaign for a single or multi-merchant by entering basic details such as merchant details, reward,reward type, campaign period, pin codes of the stores etc. The pin codes facilitate the process of locating the customers within the vicinity of the store

Target Smartly

You can add all the targeting filters, which would enable you to reach to the right audience with the relevant offer:

  • Location
  • Demographics
  • Spend
  • Campaign History

The Analytics Edge

TarS analytical tool enables you to systematically review the discreet metrics associated with each campaign and customize the dashboard as per your needs. With a robust & disciplined campaign measurement, you acquire more objective data on the success and impact of your campaigns which enables you to strategize future campaigns.

Spend Rate

Activation Rate

Engagement Rate

Channel Rate

Merchant Analytics

Customer Analytics