Why Offers on Mobiles?

More than half of the retail site traffic is mobile and leveraging it with the customized campaigns and personalised offers which are based on real time location would help you achieve high business outcomes.

Insense mCMS is an application that optimizes the planning process, automates execution of campaigns and facilitates tracking & measurement of campaign performance. Powered by AI, it provides a real-time location based and spend profile based customer intelligence to push mobile notification of the offers and to engage the customers with rich media content that is relevant and non-intrusive.


Real Time Location Based Push Notifications

It uses GPS-targeting technology to pinpoint exact consumer location at any given time and serves location-specific offers to the right person at the right place and in the right way.

AI Based Prediction Engine

Of the numerous offers at the nearby stores, the engine recommends the offer which is most likely to be redeemed thereby avoiding any over communication to the customers.

Rich Media Features

Rich Media Mobile ads with interactive features are another great ingredient to engage and amuse your customers. It can drive users to actions 3-6 times more than a standard banner.

Admin Panel

The product comes with all the basic and customisable advanced features:

Target based on real time location of customer
Restrict total number of notifications
Send image rich push notifications
Campaign metrics to measure engagement