Why Card Linked Offers?

The incremental return on advertising spend (IROAS) could rise from 1.5:1 for traditional methods up to 6:1 for a targeted advertisement. Customers that engage with CLO program earn meaningful value, and in turn, the digital engagement and loyalty increases.

With digitalization, shopping behaviour of Indian consumers is changing rapidly and they increasingly demand personalised and relevant offers from the brands they wish to shop at. Insense targeting platform uses Machine Learning and Big Data to help merchants target, based on customers spend profile (past & recent purchases), location (residential & real-time location) and demographics.

How It Works

Create Campaign

Merchants create campaigns by defining target customer segments and offer information on our Campaign Management System (CMS)

Customer Views Offer

Customers view the offer on our bank partner's online/mobile banking, SMS, email, push notification and/or ATM screen.

Customer Redeems Offer

For cashback offer, the customer spends with the merchant (online/ offline) using our bank partner's card and gets a notification of the cashback after the purchase.

For coupon offer, the customer shows/enters the coupon at the counter /check out and gets an instant discount

Merchant Views Campaign Analytics

The merchant can view campaign success metrics such as number of views, number of redemptions, total redemption amount, customer segmentation and customised analytics.