Why Card Linked Offers?

Customers that engage with CLO program earn meaningful value, and in turn, the digital engagement and loyalty increases and attrition rate decreases. Some of the banks who participated in CLO program have seen 25%+ lower attrition for credit card customers.

Card linked Offers is a disruptive solution that drives a mutually beneficial relationship between banks, merchants and consumers. It adds value to banks by increasing customer acquisition and retention, boosting card spend and driving customer engagement resulting in building a deeper customer relationship and higher customer lifecycle value.

How It Works

Merchants Create Campaign

Merchants (approved by banks) create campaigns by defining target customer segments and offer information on our Campaign Management System (CMS)

Banks Approve Campaign

Bank approves the campaign and segmentation and can add additional targeting filters, which would enable you to reach to the right audience with the relevant offer:

  • Location
  • Demographics
  • Spend
  • Campaign History

Customer Redeems Offer

For cashback offer, the customer spends with the merchant (online/ offline) using our bank partner's card and gets a notification of the cashback after the purchase.

For coupon offer, the customer shows/enters the coupon at the counter /check out and gets an instant discount

Bank Views Campaign Analytics

With a robust & disciplined campaign measurement, you acquire more objective data on the success and impact of the campaigns. We provide the key metrics for spend, activation, engagement, merchant, channel, customer and comparision analytics.

  • Spend Analytics
  • Engagement Analytics
  • Activation Analytics
  • Channel Analytics